Midterm elections

Once you reach your twenties you’re held to a certain standard and although you still may feel like a teenager, people certainly don’t view you as one. People begin to expect things from you, like being able to talk about politics. I mean, you’ve been through all the Government classes in high school, why wouldn’t you be able to? You must at LEAST understand what the midterm elections are right…?

At a certain age, you’re just expected to know things and it becomes more and more difficult to ask questions without feeling like you’ve been living in a box your entire life.

A huge reason I decided to write this blog was because I was talking to someone who thought the midterm elections were to elect the next president. I was taken back at first, but I realized the best approach to this was to attempt and spread awareness instead of putting anyone down. It brings me so much happiness the amount of consciousness that young people have towards the importance of voting but although our generation may be aware of the importance, that doesn’t mean that a lot of basic knowledge doesn’t fall between the cracks.

Since election time is just around the corner, I found the subject for this blog appropriate. I just want to share a couple of facts that could help with this election and that can hopefully fill any gaps that you may have, that you feel should have been filled a while ago.

By no means, am I referring to myself as any type of expert so please don’t take this blog as a legitimate type of government lesson. I’m just trying to help spread consciousness because we are the future and our opinions matter.

Let’s start with the basics:

So, to be clear, what everyone is voting for right now are the MIDTERM elections, this happens every four years near the midpoint of the president’s four-year term. Our president, Donald Trump, was elected in 2016, meaning there will not be another election for a new president until 2020. November 3rd, to be exact.

During the midterm elections, the main event that’s happening is that individuals running for Congress and for Governor get elected. Then there’s also amendments, attorney generals, city elected officials, but we’re not focusing on that in this blog. Senate is the upper chamber of Congress and the House of Representatives is the lower chamber. In a simplified version, they make and pass laws. If making and passing laws is still not a good enough reason to understand why it’s important to get out and vote, I’ll go further.

Just like presidents have either a Republican candidate or a Democratic candidate, so do Governors and Congress. The number of Democrats or Republicans can greatly influence the outcome of the Presidential election in 2020. What I mean by this is basically if you’re a Democrat and you want a Democratic president you better hope that there’s more Democrats than Republicans in Congress and vice versa for Republicans.

Purple: Half Democratic/Half Republican.

For the Senate, two candidates from each state are elected. For Florida, the main opponents right now are Rick Scott(Republican & currently governor) running against Bill Nelson (Democrat & running for a RE-election). Currently, in Florida, the governor’s race has been pretty scandalous and the talk of CNN. I’m sure you’ve been hearing the name Ron DeSantis thrown around a lot, he is the Republican candidate running for Governor in Florida. His opponent, the Democratic candidate, is Andrew Gillum, who is currently the Mayor of Tallahassee.

Government is way more complicated than one blog could ever cover, not saying that even if I were to write 20 I would know how, but I do hope that this blog could at least serve as a stepping stone in the right direction. I highly encourage everyone reading this to do further research on all the upcoming candidates. That means the Republicans, the Democrats, Third parties, regardless of what your political beliefs are because you may find that can change after just a little bit of investigating. Whether you want Kanye West to potentially become President in 2020 or whether that possibility absolutely terrifies you, if you want any say in the outcome go and make your voice heard and vote today.

**This website contains the candidates for every state in the US and is very useful!!**https://ballotpedia.org/List_of_candidates_running_in_U.S._Congress_elections,_2018

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