107 Taste

If you enjoy discovering new and delicious Asian cuisine, then we have the perfect place for you. Located just about 3 minutes away from Florida International University’s main campus, 107 Taste might be the next restaurant you will want to consider to add to your list of must-try places. 107 taste isn’t your typical Asian style restaurant with a limited menu, instead, it’s menu offers a wide assortment of choices making it very appealing to the palates of many.

107’s plentiful refreshment menu is perfect for whether you’re craving a coffee in the morning or looking to finish the day off with a cold brew. Their coffee menu has everything you’d want from a Starbucks and Cuban Coffee shop combined. For their alcoholic beverages, they stay true to their traditions by serving unique flavored sake by the bottle or by the cup, along with offering a variety of different beers and wines each at an affordable price. For all tea enthusiasts, 107 Taste is where you need to be. Their extensive tea menu offers tea in rare, must-try, flavors like their Honey Citron tea that can be brought out as hot or iced, depending on your preference. 107 taste leaves no room for disappointment and doesn’t only offer loose leaf tea, but has a variety of Bubble Tea as well in up to twelve different flavors.  

Their entrée menu is split into two sections: rice and noodles. They place most of their emphasis on their noodle section, which consists of multiple different savory Ramen options. Their Ramen ranges from very simple and light like a “Miso Ramen” all the way to something very heavy like a “Cheesy Ramen on Fire”. We had the pleasure to enjoy the Tonkatsu Ramen, their most popular dish, and we were not left disappointed. With this dish, you have the option to choose your choice of protein, along as enjoying the appetizing flavors the other ingredients such as bamboo, fish cake, nitamago egg, etc., add to the mix. Their food menu offers numerous vegetarian and vegan alternatives, as well as spicy selections that are both easily identified by symbols on their menu.

If you have a sweet tooth, 107’s dessert menu is one to take a look at. They have an assortment of freshly made crepe cakes along with ice cream, Hong Kong Style French toast and over five different milkshake flavors to choose from. These flavors aren’t your typical Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry choices, but instead, they offer flavors like “Green Tea”, “Mango”, “Passion Fruit” and more. If none of these dessert choices catch your attention just yet, then the “Zombie Plant” definitely will. This exclusive dish is a dessert disguised as a plant, as it is literally served to you in a clay pot with what seems to be soil, and a green leaf growing from the inside of it. Little to behold, there is actually no plant growing from the “soil”, since the soil is actually just crumbled Oreos. The inside of this dish consists of a chiffon cake with ice cream, fruit, and coconut milk on the side so that you may “water your plant”.

Aside from offering delicious tasting food, you get the chance to enjoy your meal alongside the great vibes this restaurant provides through its pleasing aesthetics. Unlike many restaurants that put the music so loud you can barely hear your own thoughts, 107 Taste plays a good variety of contemporary ambiance music. Their service is so fast yet effective, it can serve for an in-between class meal although, you’ll probably end up wanting to stay for more. 107 Taste has a little bit of everything for everyone and with its location being so close to campus, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than this dime.

Present this to the cashier at 107 Taste to receive 10% off!
Author: Claudia Fuenmayor & Valeria Salgado

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