RMH Jewels

There’s so much trial, error, and sacrifice that go into entrepreneurship that may scare many people away from pursuing their own business or become their own boss, but for me, that was quite the opposite. Growing up, I’ve always managed to keep an entrepreneurial mindset, especially having that goal driven and entrepreneurial family background was a great influence. My parents instilled this mindset in me that I should always pursue what I love — “Do what I love, so I love what I do.” This line replays in my mind for any and every endeavor I plan to take in life.

I started RMH Jewels towards the end of 2018 and it started off as a small line of necklaces that reflected Arabic wording, specifically “God” in Arabic “Allah”. Initially, I really wanted a necklace that had the name “Allah” on it, as it reflected my religion of peace and was a form of religion I could wear daily. But, unfortunately, the ones I would come across weren’t designed to my liking or the prices were majorly hiked! And that’s when I realized there are definitely many people who had the same thought process, therefore that’s when I took the high road and bought necklaces I wanted to wear. Many of my friends and family would ask about them and then it hit me, “I can really turn this into a profitable business.” Months and months of successful sales allowed me to launch and release new collections; varying in metal colors, pendant sizes, and varying designs that implemented religion, culture, and individuality. RMH Jewels really gives me the drive to get up every morning and check on orders, get in contact with my customers, design new marketing tactics, and tackle every single day as I know I’m reaching goals I set for myself.

Starting the company small allowed me to teach myself everything I know now, and am coming to learn — specifically about marketing, advertising, sales, and logistics. Having that initial passion for selling RMH jewels really drove me to continue to learn and develop my experiences in this e-commerce business world when I have a completely opposite, science/medical background. And yes, I can balance both lives; as I call myself an “Academic Scholar during the day, and a hustler at night”, haha. I’m a firm believer that venturing out and learning things out of your bubble creates a myriad of ways of thinking and creates a bigger picture of what life has to offer. Figure out what you love in life, and flip it. Start small, set your foundation, and build from there. There really isn’t a limit to what you can do, and the only person that can hold you back is yourself, so remember that! No one is ever restricted to their dreams. Your dreams are what drive your ambition and your ambition is what drives you to put yourself into positions of success.

Author: Reem Hassan 
University: Florida International University
Instagram: @rmhjewels

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