How The Founder of Something Navy Will Inspire You

Written by: Nathy Hernandez 

Besides the fact that she has two adorable daughters, a closet filled with an endless amount of stilettos, and an envious life, Arielle Charnas has worked a long way to become the successful influencer she is.

In 2009, Arielle started her blog Something Navy for all of the “wrong” reasons. Like any other naive and young woman, she wanted to impress her boyfriend at the time. She wanted to show him that she was passionate about something. Ultimately, she fell in love with the fashion industry and turned social media into her full-time career. (thanks ex-boyfriend, you inspired a superwoman!)

After having her blog for six months, a woman that had plans to start the first influencer digital marketing agency reached out to Arielle and told her she would be one of the first to sign with her.

In an interview with, Arielle talks about the ups and downs she had to undergo while curating her brand, “It was hard for everyone to understand what it was that I was actually doing by posting myself on the internet. People thought it was weird.” Undoubtedly, social media wasn’t nearly as big as it is now. Most of the businesses and brands were advertising on billboards and magazines. At the beginning of her career as a fashion blogger, Arielle would take on many partnerships. It was a way for her to make money and grow her blog. But in the interview with, she mentions, “As your followers grow, and grow with you, it’s really important to make sure that everything is on-brand and are things that I genuinely use or tried out and love, that I think that they would love.”

Arielle has successfully partnered with brands such as Bandier, Vichy, Dr. Brandt, Shopbop, Polo Ralph Lauren, and many others.

Something Navy is feminine, elevated, and trendy.. everything and more than any girl would want her closet to look like, at least me!  The team at Something Navy began by teasing its followers on Instagram by posting pictures of the clothing pieces leading up to the monthly drop date. But for her sixth collection, Arielle decided to spice things up a little bit. The SN team is now posting clothing pieces on social media as they become available to shop online at Nordstrom. You can now also shop the cutest mommy and me pajama sets, or a bright yellow bathing suit for your Summer vacation in St. Barths!

The blog,, is an online destination that provides its readers with meaningful stories, honest reviews on the trendiest brands, and of course monthly recaps on the brand’s collections.

Arielle went from working as a salesgirl at Theory to making more than $4 million in sales in a day. She lives in New York City with her daughters Ruby and Esme and her loving husband Brandon Charnas. She documents her everyday life on Instagram where she receives feedback from her loyal followers.

Even though it might feel unreal and impossible at first, it’s important to have self-confidence and to challenge ourselves to new adventures and opportunities! Arielle Charnas is the perfect example of a girl who didn’t give up on her dream and decided to pursue her passion regardless of judgment and the possibility of failing.

I encourage you to write that poem, post that outfit, or compose that song that you’ve been dreaming of sharing with the world.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from different Something Navy collections:

Follow Arielle (@ariellecharnas) and Something Navy (@somethingnavy) on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest collections and team recommendations!

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