The Vagabond Experience and Finding the Love Within Yourself

Written by: Brandon Moore A.K.A EGO TESLA

I’ve grown tired of always having the same surroundings, seeing the same things, and talking to the same people. Last summer, I packed up all my things to leave Florida with $800 and I hit the road. Final destination: California.

Prior to leaving I had been rubbing shoulders with elite hedge fund owners, doing business with clients in Saudi Arabia and the U.K. I thought my life already had its meaning: to continue to flourish as a wealthy nerd. Regardless of my success in these avenues, I couldn’t help but feel unfulfilled by what I was doing.

The art of traveling without a plan really tests your mental strength, patience, and will to live. The confidence needed to succeed consistently in this life isn’t easy to obtain. If it were, everyone would be successful.  

Throughout my journey I got faced with all types of adversity, spending nights in jail far away from home, meeting people with not the fairest of intentions, lack of finances and a hungry belly.

High or low, I made it through the storm. Sleeping on office floors. Those of which belonged to a random man that I met. Whom both wanted to help and sleep with the person I was traveling with. So there wasn’t always a sense of safety.

However, there were soft spots on my journey. I was able to see some of the most beautiful pieces of the world, taste some amazing food, and build miraculous connections. I even lived in a sex temple in California. San Diego, California is heaven on earth. As far as that temple, I lived in the upstairs floor of a 3 story Sex playhouse where full orgies and sex-related parties happened 3-4 times a week.

Have you ever eaten your breakfast off someone’s body? It’s delightful.

The whole trip taught me that all I have at the end of the day is my body and my voice, nothing else. So I better make the best use of both of those things. I started taking music way more seriously, and nothing but big fruit has come from those actions. I’m rubbing shoulders and collaborating with some of the biggest artists in the music industry. Dj Khaled, Drake, and Wycleff. It’s a miraculous feeling to know that I’m able to do anything. Absolutely anything.

I encourage all people no matter how old or young. No matter how rich or perceived poor. No matter your interest. Get up and go do something. Stop living the same routine day after day. Especially if you feel that the life you are living is eating away at you. You can’t get your time back so make every present moment a superstar moment. Something worthy of being on the big screen. Because you never know, someday you might just end up there.

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