Getting To Know The Artist: Jordan Leia

Written By: Jordan Leia Music is and has always been a creative outlet for me to communicate my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Singing and songwriting have healed me from painful times, added light to already beautiful moments, and continuously reconnected me to the person that I am. No matter where I find myself, I have … Continue reading Getting To Know The Artist: Jordan Leia

How Music Shaped Me

Written by: Maria Bonilla Every day I hopped into my mom’s silver Nissan Pathfinder to go to my ballet class when I was six or seven years old. Every time, I’d ask my mom to play the Kidz Bop 6 CD. But for as long as I could remember when “My Immortal” by Evanescence would … Continue reading How Music Shaped Me

Red Bull Revamp Project

Being able to experience working on something you love and having the privilege of seeing it come to life in the industry while still being a student is a one-time opportunity. Around September 2018, Red Bull Southeast Region sponsored a three-week design "Charrette-style" competition called “Revamp,” which focused on an interior design build-out opportunity for … Continue reading Red Bull Revamp Project