The Beauty of a Farmer’s Market

Written by: Saul Hirshbein What is a farmer’s market? I’m sure many of you have either heard of the term, been to one, lied and said you’ve been to one, or heard your millennial friends raving about it. To understand what a farmers market is, we must first define the words “farmers” and “market.” A … Continue reading The Beauty of a Farmer’s Market

E[at]volution: Arepas

“Epa chamo!,” “Qué onda men?,” “Que paso?,” “Que lo que?” All these phrases can be heard all around Florida International University campuses. Words are thrown together and projected amongst friends, colleagues, and passersby. They are ways of expression for the Spanish-speaking cultures at FIU, of which there are a lot of. They are slang words … Continue reading E[at]volution: Arepas