The Beauty of a Farmer’s Market

Written by: Saul Hirshbein What is a farmer’s market? I’m sure many of you have either heard of the term, been to one, lied and said you’ve been to one, or heard your millennial friends raving about it. To understand what a farmers market is, we must first define the words “farmers” and “market.” A … Continue reading The Beauty of a Farmer’s Market

Changing OUR World One Break at a Time

My two-day orientation experience was filled with overwhelming information and it was exhaustingly long. Coming in as a freshman at Florida International University, I took a stroll around the involvement fair and was overwhelmed with the many organizations trying to recruit me. At one point, I felt like giving up and just looking up the … Continue reading Changing OUR World One Break at a Time

Fixing, Building, and Creating

As a girl of many interests, I have found consolation here at FIU in the endless options of majors, minors, and certifications available for undergraduate students. The diversity in career paths makes me feel welcome and supported because everybody is different yet the determination to graduate and thrive professionally is all the same. My major … Continue reading Fixing, Building, and Creating